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The hotel parking charges 300 yuan an hour reasonable pricing or a no-trade clause?

Date: 2019-05-07

Five small long vacation on the eve of a "hotel parking was 300 yuan an hour" video trigger netizen attention.

Network video display, a consumer question carp continent hotel 300 yuan an hour overcharging, saying they have report to the police.Present the hotel staff to explain, price is approved by the government.Its mentioned at the same time, produce parking because consumers did not in the hotel consumption, if spending 800 yuan can derate a car parking.Then, the question again the hotel did not fulfill the duty to inform consumers, but officials say, at the entrance of the hotel is equipped with a parking sign.

For this matter, on May 1, Beijing youth daily reporters call fuzhou carp continent hotel.Staff said that at present the hotel about more than 100 parking Spaces, fee standards of working days per car every 200 yuan, the holidays each car 300 yuan every day.If within the hotel consumption at ordinary times the full 500 yuan, holidays full 800 yuan can be exempted from a car parking, relevant information in the hotel entrance are stated."The hotel does not provide free parking time, as long as the drive to come in, leave before 11 o 'clock in the evening is a price."

In addition, the staff member introduction, if consumers pulled up outside the hotel area, need to buy a 168 yuan per person be to walk into, four children under one meter free.And don't need additional parking vehicle.

The commodity price departments response: the hotel have the independent pricing power

North green newspaper reporters on the matter call fuzhou price bureau 12358 price report service hotline, wiring staff said that the carp continent hotel enjoys independent pricing power of its own parking lot.

According to "fujian province motor vehicle parking fees management interim measures" of article 6 of the regulation, professional car park (except the government invest in the construction of the full or participated in) and stores, places of entertainment, hotels, office buildings and other PeiJian parking lot and unit dedicated open to the public holidays or night parking fees to adopt market regulated, fee standards shall be formulated by the parking lot operators independently.

According to the fuzhou local regulations, is reported to the parking for hotel and other places do not need to also do not need approval, the commodity price departments of the main content of the regulation for whether plain code marks a price, "the relevant fees must be pride of place on the entrance of the hotel's public price, carp continent hotel also do the related work."12358 operator, said the parking fee way, by the hotel regulations, consumers can choose whether to consume.

The same hotel situation after early exposure

As workers in the video said, about carp continent hotel parking problems, existing media reported last year.

Qingming holiday in 2018, Mr. Fuzhou citizen even take my family to carp continent hotel, was told when to enter the minimum spending amount to 800 yuan, a car that was higher than usual, 500 yuan, then even Mr Again want to park my car in the outside, but were told that everyone minimum consumption will reach 200 yuan.

According to wang, head of carp continent hotel related introduction: this season hotel flowers bloom, the birds also many, to visit the guests far beyond the hotel capacity, there have been some guest have quarrels for seats, a parking space.Also appeared some ravaged hotel guests optional trample, flowers, vegetation of wrongdoing, has destroyed the hotel the whole ecological environment, affect the members and hotel guests of the hotel experience.

Hotel, therefore, decided to on the weekends and national statutory holidays, for not booking in advance and temporary guests into the shop, and spend 800 yuan on the day can only be from a car parking within (7).

Not the guests in the hotel consumption, driving into the hotel, the parking fee, RMB 200/1 hour, 1 500 yuan/m ~ 2 hours, more than 800 yuan / 2 hours car (top 800 yuan/car / 24 hours).

Sea reporters on the relevant departments, minhou county market supervision and administration of relevant staff, the hotel did have reported to the relevant case, prices adjust to market regulation, set by the operator is independent, is formed through market competition price.

Lawyer: obviously belong to "overlord terms"

Public law Li Yingfeng said in the Beijing news comment:

"Price law" stipulated in article 7: fixing prices, business operators should follow the principle of fairness, lawfulness, honesty and credit."Elimination" stipulated in article 10: consumer shall have the right to a fair deal.Consumers in the purchase of goods or accept service, has the right to a quality assurance, reasonable price, accurate measures, such as fair trade conditions.At the same time, the "elimination" also gives consumers' right to know and to choose.

These legal norms are drawn the operator independent pricing of obligation is the bottom line, also corresponds to the rights of consumers the bottom line.Hotel parking fees are too high, is beyond the "reasonable price" and "fair price" category, also violated the principle of good faith and other pricing legal principles.

Carp continent hotel parking fee standards not only much higher than other similar services in the market standard, and forced to park your car in the hotel area outside the consumer must be each to buy a 168 yuan can enter into the hotel, which is equal to the set up double difficult options -- to consumers within the hotel parking, fees, parking outside the hotel, the cost also.Hotel also "regulation", no matter what time of the day to drive into the hotel in the parking lot, as long as leave before 11 o 'clock in the evening, is charged according to day, under the rules of this, parking half an hour or even ten minutes of the consumer and the cost of 10 hours of consumers is the same.

Hotel made in the form of a unilateral declaration "by be into hotel" "parking shall be calculated on day" and other regulations, increase the responsibility of consumers, unfair and unreasonable to consumer, also have forced transactions.According to article 26, "elimination" hotel parking charge rules have the typical characteristics of the illegal format contract, belongs to the overlord terms, is invalid, of course, also violated the consumer rights and interests.